Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF)


What:  Adult Bible Fellowship


When:  Sundays @ 9:30 AM

Why:  To connect, communicate, care for each other, develop leaders, incorporate new members, and encourage spiritual growth and evangelism – all within the context of corporate Bible study.


Where:   During the Fall, classes will be divided into three groups;  One group will meet in the Sanctuary, one in Moriah Hall (carpeted area), and one in the north end of the church (wooden floor area.)

Leader:  Our Deacons and Overseers will be team-teaching these classes on a rotation basis          


Topic:  At least one of the classeswill be reviewing and discussing the previous week's message.  Additional studies may be offered, and the topics will be announced on a quarterly basis. ABF classes are for a time of prayer, fellowship, teaching/worship, encouragement/support and spiritual growth.  Events outside this Sunday morning time will also be planned to allow fellowship, encouragement/support, outreach and whatever else God would plan for these times of connecting.