Missionaries in the sierra leone

Kayla Hatch

midwife in Sierra leone

Kayla has been studying to be a midwife for the past one and one-half years at a school in the Philippines. Recently Kayla returned to the States from the Philippines! She is studying to take her boards for Midwifery coming up in November in Canada. Currently Kayla is working with a local hospice facility and is preparing for a short-term trip to Sierra Leone in September. Kayla is also preparing to begin her deputation process. Plans are for Kayla to move to Sierra Leone, West Africa, in about a year. She will spend the first year in language and culture training. Eventually Kayla plans to open a clinic and to train other women to be midwives because the mortality rate for young mothers and babies is staggering in Sierra Leone.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for transition needs from Philippines to USA
  • Pray for preparation for Kayla’s trip to Sierra Leone in September
  • Pray for Kayla as she finds a balance for time for both work and studying for her boards for Midwifery that she will travel to Canada to take in November
  • Pray for Kayla passing her boards in November
  • Pray for Kayla as she prepares for her upcoming deputation process beginning later this fall!